The secret to save $$$ when shipping
Written by Matthew Fraser on March 11th 2018
Being a part of a high level business group has afforded me the luxury of knowledge that would otherwise have passed me by or taken decades to discover. While hiking the Hollywood Hills with my mentor and coach, Adam Hudson, I thought about what detailed knowledge I could pass to you....for free! 

Here's a gem regarding freight forwarding-....
Porsche trademark their name for a reason - and so should you
Written by Matthew Fraser on Feb 25th 2018
The point of a trademark is protection of brand and ultimately Amazon EBC (Enhanced Brand Content). One year ago I started the process of TM with a very popular online company in the US. I went with them as they seemed professional and cheap, about US$700. The TM ended up in....
Reviews are the key to more $$$
Written by Matthew Fraser on Nov 10th 2017
As I travel through China and attend the Canton Fair with my wife, I took some time out to write about achieving more Amazon reviews. We all know- more reviews equals more cash. 
Here is some info....

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