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Written by Matthew Fraser on Nov. 10th 2017
As I travel through China and attend the Canton Fair with my wife, I took some time out to write about achieving more Amazon reviews. We all know- more reviews equals more cash.
Here is some info I thought may help some of you. I read through all the Amazon review terms of service- some grey areas but here are my findings.
1. Turn on your 'FBA Export' setting. In Seller Central home page- top right- press settings, down to click on FBA Notifications. Scroll down to second from bottom and change from 'disabled' to 'FBA Global Export'.
This will allow people from Australia and certain other countries to buy your product and then review it. There are restrictions to some products being shipped but so far at least 3 of my mastermind have done this and the products became available for me to buy in Australia.
2. Amazon encourages reviews from consumers even if the they did not purchase from Amazon.
Be careful with this one- you may want some volume before you start having people only reviewing your product before sales are made. You don't want 10 overnight reviews and only 1 sale ever. Would also be easier for Amazon to justify authenticity if you had your own e-commerce site.
But let’s say your product has been available ‘off’ Amazon for consumers to purchase. There is nothing wrong with contacting your existing customer base and asking them to leave a review on Amazon based on their previous purchase of product. This would be a legitimate method of reviews, make sure you don’t incentivise this process or ask for only positive/ 5 star reviews. This is against Amazon’s terms of service and would surely see you banned if caught.
3. I rang and spoke to Amazon about this one- for example I have a million friends on Facebook of which most of them I don't actually know. If I put up an ad/ link to my product and they buy, can they leave a review? The answer was YES.
My concern was that Amazon don't allow family or friends to leave reviews. Would Amazon delete a review of someone who reviewed my product thinking they were actually a real friend rather than someone who is just a friend in cyber land. You get me?
The only issue I foresee is how you promote your item- you may want to advertise it without giving away that this is your new product/ business. Or, you may not care! Many people are quite protective and secretive about their product so this could pose an issue.
4. Join Amazon’s Early Reviewer Program- Amazon will give you up to 5 reviews by incentivising consumers to leave a review- note I said Amazon will incentivise- not you!
Once your first review is received then Amazon will charge you about $60 and the other potential four are free.
Note you can only take advantage of this option if you don’t have any reviews to begin with. Therefore only good when you launch your product.
I hope you have found this info helpful for your Amazon journey.

Matthew Fraser

Matthew Fraser helps people start or grow successful businesses using the Amazon platform. He is an expert at helping existing companies reach new markets and scale.  
He can even make things super simple to understand.
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