Porsche trademark their name for a reason - and so should you
Written by Matthew Fraser on Feb 25th 2018
The point of a trademark is protection of brand and ultimately Amazon EBC (Enhanced Brand Content).  EBC will enable your listing to utilise additional sales copy and images, including the use of extra advertising features such as headline search ads.  These additional features are essential for credibility in the marketplace, reaching more customers and growing your business.  Standing out in the crowd will be key to your future brand expansion.
One year ago I started the process of TM with a very popular online company in the US. I went with them as they seemed professional and cheap, about US$700. The TM ended up in 'suspension' and I was stuck as to my next move. The online company was not responding to my emails and I was thinking I would need to pick a new brand name.

In the meantime I started a second company in a new niche and went with a more professional US TM attorney - holy smokes!! She is incredible, so professional and responds to email. She even took on my suspended TM and with one phone call, speaking direct to TM office, crafted some fancy attorney talk and convinced them to allow my TM to proceed. It's now on it's way to approval.
The moral of the story is this- DON'T BE CHEAP! It will cost you more money, lost time, lost sales in the long run. I could have had a TM months ago and be utilising EBC and selling more product. I would highly recommend my TM attorney- let me know if you want her details. Thanks so much Adam for sharing her with me.

Secondly you should know that Amazon only requires a TM in one category for EBC approval, not every TM category for which you sell in.
For example- let's say your brand is A2Z Coffee. You have a TM for category of coffee beans. Amazon gives you approval for EBC. You then decide you want to sell coffee mugs under the same brand. Technically for brand protection you would also require a TM in the category that has coffee mugs. Amazon however will still allow you to sell coffee mugs and use EBC with the original TM of coffee beans category.
Seems a single brand TM in any TM category will allow you to be approved for EBC in any Amazon niche.
To take this one step further, you can have an Australian TM to gain EBC approval and sell in US. The TM does not need to be obtained in the US to qualify for EBC. It does however need to be from a list of countries including USA, Aust, Canada, UK - NOT CHINA. See Amazons EBC info. 
This info is good as you may not be able to be TM approved in USA but can be TM approved in Australia.
Amazon does not spell all this gold knowledge out online but my MM have been contacting Amazon directly to find out the loop holes. Please feel free to confirm yourself for your own situation.

Hope this helps in the TM space and allows more opportunity for your business to grow.

Matthew Fraser

Matthew Fraser helps people start or grow successful businesses using the Amazon platform. He is an expert at helping existing companies reach new markets and scale.  
He can even make things super simple to understand.
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